Wedding and party decorations

  The giant decks? Surprise !!! Set up the center of the event or a corner of it with a deck, and see what happens. I guarantee you that everyone will want to have the photo below! Where I put them, the photos were so many! The height can be up to 3-4 meters, and the width depends on the size of the place and .... your imagination - up to 20-25 flowers and leaves together.  They can be installed in a vase, decorated with a large bow or placed in a pedestal.

   Floral walls serve to organize one side or  a corner creatively as a backdrop for photos of the newlyweds, guests and guests of any event. The wall can be created with the colors chosen for your event or ceremony. Colors and sizes are customizable - from 1m x 2m to infinity.

   For those who choose the giant heart, the dimensions start from 1 mt x 1 mt. The events can also be customized using 3D letters composing the desired word / phrase - (name of the party, of the spouses ...)