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I am pleased to offer you the rental service.

Since 2021 I have been offering a large selection of flowers of the most common colors available; for rental. From 2022 the service is possible throughout Italy (and also outside).
With this service you can set up your parties by choosing from many ready-made flowers to create a fascinating and exciting setting. Are you curious?

The rental lasts 1-2 days for the party/event.

    The flowers will be installed at the scheduled time on the day of the party. The price will be calculated on the basis of the quantity of flowers requested and the additional expenses.

Any available flowers can be hired. Each flower has 2-3 large leaves (to stick them or not - it's always your choice).

Flowers can be rented with/without stems and metal or wooden supports (recommended for indoors)
   The metallic support is predefined, gold or silver color, instead the wooden support can be colored at your request.

The height of the flowers - on request, from 110 to 250 cm.

There are holders for 1, 2, 3, 8 and 12 clubs, all holders are detachable.

The support can be decorated

like a vase. It is recommended 

to decorate the supports with

natural flowers or other

decorations by Giant Flowers



Rental info:

The minimum rental amount.

it is possible to rent even fewer flowers by paying the cost of the minimum quantity for your area.

15 flowers- within 150 km of the headquarters (incl. Brescia, Mantua, Lake Garda, Bologna, Ferrara, Padua, Bergamo, Milan)

20 flowers- Lake Como, Maggiore, Iseo, d'Orta

25 flowers- within 350 km of the headquarters (Veneto, Tuscany, Liguria)

30 flowers- Lazio, France

Particular situations to be evaluated for a correct rental estimate:
- movement of flowers during the event. All movements of flowers are under my care.
-In case of rental away from the warehouse or if the event will start very early or end after 0.00, price increases are foreseen

-if the place is windy
- time restrictions for setting up.
-difficulty for arrival (impossible to bring the decorations near the installation, any stairs to overcome, uneven surfaces, etc.)
To have a clear and precise price, I invite you to make a request for a quote, specifying all the details.



The shipment

The service is possible with OUR SHIPPING or with YOUR PICK UP.


ASSEMBLY (free) always under my care with reimbursement of travel expenses.

The cost of shipping, at my expense, is calculated on the website

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