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bright flowers

If you want your event to be successful, and if you want to satisfy even the most competent guests who may think they have already seen EVERYTHING ..... you have the opportunity to show  something innovative and enchanting. To offer customers a wider choice of decorations, I studied a new technology that allows you to create not only LUMINOUS giant flowers, but also other different objects with this beautiful material ...

Imagine a completely fantastic nocturnal environment illuminated with flowers that seem to be made of self-illuminating glass .... a very special effect !!! Just turn off the light and ...... look !!

Did you like them?
My flowers are remote controlled, they manage to change the color and the mode of the glow, even with the chosen music.

20 bright flowers are available.

The diameter of the open flower: about 40-45cm

the height: 160-180cm

2 or 4 flowers can stand on a pedestal

The power supply: the electrical socket

FOR NOW IT IS ONLY POSSIBLE TO RENT the minimum number - 8 flowers

Small items on request:



- jellyfish,

etc etc


bright flowers
bright flowers
bright flowers
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