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Shop window arrangements

   The shop window is like the window of the house. See the beautiful curtains - imagine how beautiful the whole house is! And the window is used to attract people's attention and invite them to enter.

   And for your shop windows I offer unusual and unusual settings. First of all, very innovative for Italy - fabric flowers such as organza and others. They are very particular, airy and light, with a great choice of colors, and accessories for the corolla. They can stand on the stem, attached to the walls or hung from the ceiling. The flowers can be single or in a composition.

​  There is the possibility of requesting a subscription for 4-6 set-ups / per year.

Organza flower in the showcase

  For example in the photo you can see the organza flower (with open petals it has a diameter of 150 cm).  The back is closed with leaves. On request, the back can be another flower visible from inside the shop.

peonie giganti

Crepe paper flowers are also good for shop windows. In the photo you can see the peonies of 90 and 60 cm in diameter

Screenshot_20190919-181652_1 - Copy.jpg

   Furthermore, the decorations are "seasonal": each season can be characterized by different decorations  (pine cones, leaves, snowflakes etc etc)

   In the creation of the frames I use wooden or metal profiles. I add branches, leaves, berries, and flowers of different sizes. For example, in the photos you see the 100x70cm frame with cotton flowers and poinsettia and roses (12-15cm)


Different animals/insects of various sizes:




- bees


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