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Wedding and party decorations

Fabric flowers are becoming more popular both for party arrangements and for interiors.

The giant decks            The floral walls

    The giant decks? They surprise!!! Set up the event center or a corner of the event with a deck, and see what happens. I guarantee you that everyone will want to have the photo below! Where I put them, the photos were so many! The height can be up to 3-4 meters, and the width depends on the size of the place and ... your imagination - up to 20-25 flowers and leaves together.  They can be installed in a vase, decorated with a large bow or placed on a pedestal.

   For the preparation of the ritual I offer you double arches (or semi-archs) made with giant flowers. You can choose from different types of flowers and materials, and enrich them with leaves, pearls (always giant), pieces of tulle or organza and more. Maximum customization is always possible. The photos of the bride with the bow are wonderful.

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